The littlest ClimatePlanner

By Carey Knecht, Director
July 28, 2016

Happy summer! I’m not quite back from parental leave yet, but I wanted to say hello and introduce the newest member of the ClimatePlan family — my son Alden.

Baby_bus_shades 1Over the past few months, this little guy has doubled in weight, learned to roll over, and made us laugh. He’s already a practiced public transit rider, and just recently got out on his first camping trip to enjoy California’s beautiful wild places.

With him, I see everything in a new way, and that includes the work ClimatePlan does.

Safe streets, safe future?
In this time I have on leave with him, we get through our days by doing a lot of walking. When Alden can’t sleep, I pop him in the carrier and head out on foot, or hop on a bus to explore a nearby neighborhood. It’s a huge blessing that I can get downtown or to parks and farmer’s markets easily, without having to fight to get him into a car seat.

I notice where our neighborhood falls short, too: the highway overpass and its pollution, the missing sidewalks along some streets, the lack of housing for the folks who are homeless.

And as I walk, I think about the future — what kind of climate will this little one experience in his lifetime?

Baby_campingMore than ever, I believe we need real, sustainable solutions.

Thank you and see you soon
I’ve been following the news on recent important decisions — around California’s climate regulations, homelessness funding, and regional planning — and I’m grateful that so many talented and committed people, ClimatePlan’s partners, are hard at work making these better.

None of us can do this alone; that’s the whole reason for ClimatePlan. We’re stronger together.

Thank you for all you’re doing.

I look forward to being back at work with you this fall.




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