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California’s New Vision

By 2050, California’s population will grow to nearly 60 million people. How and where we decide to grow will impact California’s economy, air quality, water resources, and more.

How we accommodate new residents and businesses will also affect the daily lives of all Californians. Good planning will allow us to build new homes while ensuring that neighborhoods are enjoyable and affordable places to live, that streets are welcoming and safe for walking and biking, that everyone can travel to and from work more easily, and that we protect the natural lands and working farms that make our state beautiful and strong.

In 2008, an unprecedented coalition including builders, developers, environmentalists, and government leaders came together to ensure passage of SB 375 and to create a new vision for California.

California’s new, innovative planning approach recognizes that land use planning is a local decision, but it encourages local governments to coordinate their planning with regional agencies to get the results that no city or town can achieve on its own. It also brings new accountability to transportation spending to ensure these expenditures accomplish key goals.

By working together, we can build well-planned communities connected by smart transportation networks that better meet the needs of today’s generation.

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